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Sustainable Landscaping with Corten Steel Planters and Pots


Now due to important changes in the ecological environment of the earth, people have begun to pay attention to the protection of the ecology and the life environment. So now in our life and work, many designers also begin to pay attention to sustainable environmental protection design. The use of Corten steel planter is the embodiment of this point of view. Why do we say that? There are some reasons.

Paint-free And Environmentally Friendly Materials


Corten steel planter pots are made of corten steel, which is a metal with super corrosion resistance and weather resistance. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, so the service life of corten steel is very longer than ordinary steel, which is an ideal way to save materials.


Apart from being extremely durable ability and able to withstand long service periods of outdoor use, it has a unique exterior, the color of which initially appears rusty, but is smooth anf clean compared to normal rust. It’s just a protective layer of the corten steel, so it doesn’t need to be painted color. Reducing the use of paint also contributes to the protection of the ecological environment.


Low Maintenance Metal Materials


The rust-colored oxide layer of Corten steel is its protective layer, which can prevent further corrosion and oxidation of Corten steel, so Corten steel planter pot does not need conventional anti-rust coating or other anti-corrosion treatment. This also avoids the need to repair in the future due to corrosion.


At the same time, it is precisely because of the strong corrosion resistance of corten steel that even if the corten steel planter pot is placed outdoors, it will not be greatly affected by rain or snow, which also reduces the corrosion. So it is very low-maintenance and saves time and effort.


Landscape Planter Pots Of Various Designs


The Corten steel planter pot has a unique rust color that contrasts beautifully with the greenery. If it is winter, it also contrasts with the cool colors of the surroundings. A corten steel planter pot is suitable for various styles of home decoration.


In addition to the conventional round and square shapes, the corten steel planter pot is also malleable and can be designed into various styles, shapes, and sizes. At the same time, customers can also choose the combination mode and design a variety of different corten steel planter pots according to their own needs. So it also can help the owner create a unique outdoor landscape.

Corten Steel Planters and Pots

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Good And healthy Growth Environment


The internal metal structure of corten steel makes the corten steel planter have high thermal conductivity, which can help the soil inside the corten steel planter to adjust the soil temperature according to the climate, providing an ideal growth environment for plants.


In addition to having high thermal conductivity, the bottom of the corten steel planter pot also has drainage holes to provide plants with an air-permeable and drainable growth environment to help plants grow healthily.


While protecting the ecological environment, it can also save on maintenance costs and create a unique garden landscape, so this is why more and more people choose corten steel planter pots.