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AHL Group manufactures a full range of Corten Steel Gardening Products
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Corten Garden Products
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Professional Corten Steel Garden Products Manufacturer
Advantages Of Choosing Us
Durable and wear-resistant
Corrosion and acid resistance, Economically durable, environment protection, Rust color naturally retro
Low maintenance costs, Long usage time, The surface appearance is natural, simple, and clean, Rust makes it more durable
Strong saturation
High visual expression, Strong saturation, More coordinated with the self heating environment, Combining practicality and decoration
The product is suitable for various styles, such as rural style, retro style, and modern style. (Especially flowerpots and lightboxes)
                  Corten Steel Landscape Products Technological Process
Production Process Flow
Corten Steel Landscape Products Factory Customized
Service Scope
Provide us with the exact dimensions of the corten products you need and we will customize the design according to your dimensions.
Material Quality
AHL Group offers customized materials such as Corten steel, Galvanized steel & Stainless steel, Mild steel grill, Cast iron, etc.
The factory can customize the exterior color of corten gardening products according to special requirements, generally in primary colors or black.
Depending on the country, the appearance of corten gardening products can also be customized.
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Can Undertake Projects
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Can Undertake Projects
Innovative Design
Factory Support
Careful Service