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AHL Corten Group is located in Technology Development Zone,Anyang City, Henan Province. Anyang is one of China’s eight ancient capitals, state-level historical and cultural city in the world.AHL has been focusing on deep processing of steel and weathering steel corrosion-resistant research with more than 10 years experience.AHL is enterprise which has the professional pre-rusted technology in Henan. Receiving acknowledgeable reputation at home and abroad, the company is identified as the benchmarking enterprises in the Technology Development Zone.


uilding outside curtain wall, outdoor and indoor screen, flower pots and planters, corten landscape sculptures tree grates and other outdoor decorative ornaments. Adopting modern enterprise management system, with many pioneering and innovative technology talents and excellent quality of the marketing team, our products are exported to the United States, Britain, Italy, Australia, etc. more than 60 countries.

Our Visson
To become the top enterpreneur in conten steel home gardeing products field.
Our Mission
To deliver corten steel home gardenging products to all over the world village.
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About Us
Company Profile
Before 2010
After 2010
Engaged in rough processing of steel
Mainly domestic trade
Before 2010, the company mainly engaged in domestic trade, engaged in steel rough processing, operating raw materials and steel processing products, such as sheet, coil and profiles and other products, and became a first-class agent of Angang Iron and Steel Group, the inventory reached 3,000 tons, annual sales reached 5,000 tons. Since then, the company has added steel products such as galvanized and stainless steel, and has become a first-level agent of HanSteel, Baosteel and Shougang Iron and Steel Group, with annual sales reaching 150,000 tons. The company has opened up a broader business field in the domestic market, and gradually developed into one of the famous domestic steel products suppliers.
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Beginning to explore international markets
Established the AHL Group
After 2010, in order to better adapt to the market demand, Anhuilong Steel Co., Ltd. began to explore the international market, while taking into account domestic trade. Established its own factory, and exported to Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries. At the same time, the company also began to operate weather-resistant steel workpieces, to undertake weathering steel projects at home and abroad and national park projects, becoming one of the leading domestic steel product manufacturers. And is the first one in the country, with more than ten years of export experience, rich experience, can provide customers with professional solutions. In order to better manage the company's business, the company gradually established the AHLGroup, under the jurisdiction of two companies: AHLSTEEL and AHLCORTEN.
AHL Group
Products quality has also been highly evaluated and recognized by our customers.
Corten steel raw materials as main export products
Since 2014, our company has decided to make weathering steel raw materials our main export products. It also marks a new stage in the development of our company. With the promotion of our weathering steel materials, more and more customers choose our products. Our company's business scope is also expanding, our export market covers Asia, Europe, North America and other countries and regions, product quality has also been highly praised and recognized by customers.
Offer more possibilities and practical value to customers
Committed to corten steel processing
Since 2016, our company began to actively enter the field of weathering steel processing, and customer customized needs as the main line of business development. After several years of continuous efforts and development, our company has a wide range of cooperation and practical experience in the field of horticultural curtain wall, a number of large-scale construction projects in China. In the field of horticultural curtain wall, based on the in-depth understanding of design aesthetics and the characteristics of weathering steel materials, our company has processed and produced a series of excellent garden landscape decoration products, such as weathering steel flower POTS, flower walls, screens, landscape sculptures, etc., providing innovative solutions for the beautification of public places such as urban parks and squares. At the same time, we pay attention to product quality and production efficiency, the introduction of modern production equipment, the implementation of scientific management system, the speed and quality of product delivery to customers to achieve a new height. In the field of many large construction projects in China, our company has also been widely supported and recognized. Our weathering steel products are used in building curtain wall, architectural sculpture, urban sculpture and other fields, providing more design options and solutions for major owners, architects and so on. In this process, our company always pays attention to the understanding and communication of customer needs, strives for excellence, and constantly introduces new steel processing technology and material application solutions. What we want to do is to provide more possibilities and practical value for the elements of the construction industry. For example, Beijing Offset Printing Factory renovation - 77 Cultural and creative Park, as a metal supplier in the entire renovation project, Anhuilong Steel Co., Ltd. provides a solid guarantee for the success of the entire project, weather-resistant steel plate with time naturally mottled rust, integrated into the overall historical atmosphere, so that the deep industrial temperament of the factory can be further consolidated and strengthened.
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New products won wide recognition and praise
Formation of R&D and production team to develop weathering steel fireplaces and gardening products
In 2018, we ushered in a new beginning. In order to better meet the market demand, we set up a research and development production team, decided to develop new products - stoves, gardening products, and invested a lot of resources to develop. These products have won wide recognition and praise for their exquisite craftsmanship, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.
AHL Group
Great market response, praised and favored by the majority of customers
Upgrade and improve Corten BBQ grill
With the development of The Times, weathering steel products are more and more widely used in all walks of life. 2020 was a key turning point for our company as we began to focus on the development and innovation of weathering steel products, and in the process, we upgraded and improved the Corten BBQ grill, which gradually matured and stabilized. The Corten BBQ grill is a professional outdoor barbecue equipment, made of high-quality weathering steel materials, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other excellent properties. After many experiments and repeated tests, we continue to optimize the design, and the purchase of raw materials and production process optimization, and constantly improve product quality. The market response of this product is very strong, and it has been praised and favored by the majority of customers. As Corten BBQ grill continued to grow, our international orders gradually increased, customer demand became more stable, and we gradually began to have large partners and large customers. All this is inseparable from the company's continuous innovation and efforts, we insist that technological innovation is the key to the development of enterprises, constantly strengthen research and development efforts, committed to providing better products and services, expand the company's influence and visibility, so that the company continues to grow, to achieve leap-forward development. For our company, weathering steel products are our core competitiveness, and Corten BBQ grill is also our leading product. In the future, we will continue to drive the company forward through technology research and development and management innovation, and create a more brilliant development process.
corten bbq grills products
Supplying speed has also been increased to a great extent
Established corten steel processing plant
Back to 2021, in order to better maintain our big customers and improve the quality of our products, so we created a weathering steel processing factory and decided to strictly control the quality of our products by establishing our own factory, and through our unremitting efforts and continuous improvement, we have made a qualitative leap in our export volume. The products we offer have gained more market recognition because we can meet the needs of our customers. Not only that, the speed of our supply has also been greatly improved. We can deliver our products on time and meet the needs of our customers because our productivity and time are guaranteed. This is crucial to the success of our company. Therefore, as always, we insist on building better products with the customer's needs in mind.
corten steel processing plant
Trade volume has been growing both domestically and internationally
Greater recognition and acceptance of products and services
In 2022, our company experienced a period of rapid and stable development. The surge in trade is one of the keys to our company's success. Over time, our products and services have gained wider recognition and acceptance. As our products become more and more popular, our trade volume is growing both in the domestic and international markets. Our products have not only replaced some foreign products, making us more competitive in the local market, but also gained a higher reputation and recognition in the international market.
Believe in a better future
In-depth analysis of market trends and competitors
Combined with the actual situation of the company, in the process of formulating the company's goals for this year, we have deeply analyzed the market trend and the situation of competitors, and established forward-looking and operable goals. At the same time, we have also carefully formulated a series of relevant programs and measures to ensure the smooth realization of the target. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the company will continue to grow and develop.
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