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Designing Modern Outdoor Spaces With Corten Steel Features


Now that more and more corten steel features appear in everyone’s life and work, why choose a corten steel fountain in the garden? And why design modern outdoor spaces with corten steel features? Today we would like to share with you three characteristics.

Unique Rust-colored Surface

Corten steel is a very popular outdoor material now. It has a unique rust-colored surface, which makes the Corten steel products complement outdoor green plants. Therefore, many designers use corten steel as decorative material to design the building’s fecade, the park stool, the garden light, and so on.


Modern high-rise buildings are everywhere, and most of them are decorated with gorgeous colors and glass. So when the rusty corten steel screen panel is used as the curtain wall of the building, it forms a strong contrast with other surrounding buildings.


As time goes by, the rust color of corten steel is not static, from the initial brown to dark brown. As times change, buildings with corten steel curtain walls are also constantly changing, so the architect chose this corten steel to express a heavy sense of history and at the same time make people feel the constant changes of time.

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Super Corrosion Resistance Capacity

Not only because of the unique appearance of corten steel, but corten steel also has stronger corrosion resistance than ordinary carbon steel. Therefore, the service life of corten steel is also longer than that of ordinary steel. Therefore, corten steel was originally used on train tracks and shipping containers. Even if it is constantly exposed to wind and sun, corten steel can still stick to its position and play its role.


So when corten steel entered public life, this corten steel with extremely strong corrosion resistance became one best steels for outdoor use. It can withstand the heat and also can survive the cold winter. The customer also doesn’t need to spend much time and effort maintaining corten steel compared to other metal steel products that require regular maintenance.

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Multifunctional For Multiple Applications

The original corten steel can directly decorate gardens or buildings because of its unique surface. But laser cutting technology can also be used to draw different patterns in different styles on corten steel. Therefore, customers can also DIY the pattern of the corten steel products according to their hobbies, which makes the corten steel features more compatible with the surrounding landscape.

In addition to colorful patterns, customers can also make corten steel screen panels into different sizes and install corten steel in gardens, patio walls, terraces, pavilions, and other applications. They can be turned into curtain walls for privacy, baffles that divide spaces, screens that decorate your garden, or beautiful and interesting ceilings.


Use your imagination; then you are the designer at this time. DIY your own corten steel screen panel and create a unique garden. Enhance your life in the garden!