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Corten Steel Planter Boxes: 3 Things You Should Know About Before You Buy


Are you considering adding the Corten Steel Planter Box to outdoor decoration? You should know something before buying. From the unique attributes of materials to the necessary maintenance, you need to keep in mind the following three things when purchasing the Corten steel planting chassis:

Nine Using Methods of Corten Planter

  1. Planting succulent plants and other desert plants in a weather-resistant steel flower pot can create a low-maintenance garden that looks good throughout the year.
  2. The backyard terrace of a family residence can accommodate large flower pots for holding dinners, just like decorating an outdoor space.
  3. Placing succulent plants and large stones in a corten steel flower pot will add color to the front yard of the house and enhance its appearance and charm.
  4. The short and embedded weather steel flower pots around the terrace will add color and structure to the space, planting herbaceous plants and overall looking gentle and enthusiastic.
  5. The color of this super large flowerpot’s weather-resistant steel blends well with the color of the exterior wooden doors of the residence.
  6. The circular iron flower pot in this larger flowerpot creates a sense of depth and adds patterns to the outdoor terrace garden.
  7. These flower pots are constructed from curved surfaces of weather-resistant steel, increasing their scale and leaving space for planting more plants.
  8. This flowerpot is designed with a combination of wood and weather-resistant steel, allowing people to sit down and admire the garden.
  9. This corten flower pot is spiral-shaped, adding height and artistic design to the garden.

Maintenance is Required

While Corten Steel’s rusting process creates a natural protective layer, it’s important to note that this layer can be compromised by stagnant water or debris. To prevent this, it’s recommended to ensure good drainage and regularly clean out any debris that may accumulate in the planter boxes. Additionally, it’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools, as this can cause damage to the protective layer.

Main Durability Feature

Corten steel has the characteristics of toughness, plastic stretching, forming, welding, and cutting; wear resistance; high temperature resistance; and fatigue resistance of high-quality steel. The weather resistance is 2–8 times that of ordinary carbon steel; the coating performance is 1.5–10 times that of ordinary carbon steel; and the coating performance is 1.5–10 times that of ordinary carbon steel. It can be used for thin coatings, bare coatings, or simplified coatings. This steel grade has the characteristics of rust prevention, corrosion resistance, extended service life, thinning and consumption reduction, and energy savings, benefiting component manufacturers and users. Weathering steel has better corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. Weathering-resistant steel can be used for thin, exposed, or simple coating, and a steel system with corrosion resistance, longevity, labor savings, consumption reduction, and upgrading is also a steel system that can integrate modern metallurgical mechanisms, technologies, and processes to continuously develop and innovate.

Corten steel planter for sale

In conclusion, Corten steel planter boxes are a unique and durable addition to any outdoor decor. However, it’s important to keep in mind the material’s unique properties, necessary maintenance, and potential higher cost when making a purchase. By doing so, you can ensure that your Corten steel planter boxes will provide a beautiful and long-lasting addition to your outdoor space.