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Corten Steel Fencing

Enhance your garden with a striking corten steel garden screen. Perfect for adding privacy and an artistic touch to your outdoor space.

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Corten Steel Fencing
Application Scenario
Elevate Outdoors with Corten Steel Fencing's Elemental Beauty
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What Is?
Advantages Of Choosing Us
Durable and wear-resistant
Corrosion and acid resistance, Economically durable, environment protection, Rust color naturally retro
Low maintenance costs, Long usage time, The surface appearance is natural, simple, and clean, Rust makes it more durable
Strong saturation
High visual expression, Strong saturation, More coordinated with the self heating environment, Combining practicality and decoration
The product is suitable for various styles, such as rural style, retro style, and modern style. (Especially flowerpots and lightboxes)
Alain Glond
French corten steel screen customer feedback
I found this corten screen manufacturer on the Internet and consulted about a screen board with a size of 3 m long x 1.60 m wide. I want to carve natural landscapes (flowers, birds, etc.) on it. The business staff provided me with several plans. I am very satisfied Satisfied, I felt the professional service of the manufacturer during the entire ordering process, the care in each process, and the corten steel screen I received was also very delicate, a satisfactory purchasing experience, and I will continue to place orders in the future.
Dutch corten screen customer feedback
Our purchase volume is relatively large, and the customized patterns of corten steel screen need to be kept strictly confidential, so we are very cautious in the selection of suppliers, and finally decided to cooperate with AHL corten steel screen factory, the whole procurement process is very smooth , we highly appreciate the professionalism of the AHL corten steel screen team and will continue to cooperate.
Technological Process
Production Process Flow
Service Scope
Collaborative Design and Prototyping
Working closely with customers to develop custom corten steel decorative products design and providing prototypes for approval.
Efficient Manufacturing
Efficient Manufacturing
Owned factories produce and deliver orders in a timely manner, ensuring that corten steel decorative products are manufactured efficiently without compromising quality.
Wholesale and Bulk Ordering
Wholesale and Bulk Ordering
Some customers may be interested in wholesale or bulk orders for retail or distribution purposes. Providing appropriate pricing and logistics for such customers.
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing
Manufactured in our own factories, with years of experience in the development and production of corten steel garden decorative products, we offer competitive prices at a more manageable cost!