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GERHARD HUBER’s Water Fire Pit Journey at AHL Group



Country: Austria

Identity: Procurement

Customer situation: It is a natural gas energy company and requires a fire curtain placed at the

company’s entrance to enhance the company’s image

Address: AUSTRIA

Product: Water Fire Pit


The customer made an Alibaba inquiry during the Chinese New Year and Leave a company name on the Alibaba account. Then immediately conducted a back check and found out that the customer is a natural gas energy company. And communicated to the customer that it is currently a Chinese New Year holiday and there is no freight forwarder working, so can not get the shipping cost at that time. Ask the customer whether can make a quotation as soon as the forwarder starts work.


After the Chinese New Year Holiday, have sent a back-to-normal working email to the customer and informed them that already sent a shipping cost inquiry to the forwarder, will update the official offer immediately as I get it from Forwarder.

Meanwhile recommended a circular model with a color that is a much better match with the Customer’s logo, and got positive feedback from the Customer.

water fire pit for sale

After sending an official offer, the customer compared the local markets and get lower sales prices to ask why the offer prices were much higher than the local ones. The first thought to me is must different products customers have compared, otherwise won’t not so big difference, so replied customer to ask whether the price comparison was for the same product. The material, whether it is painted, whether it is equipped with a remote controller & water pump, and the customer’s customer’s biggest question is how to connect their local natural gas. In response to this, we have sent product images to the customer explaining how to connect natural gas. Finally, the customer understood how to install it and give me a nice word on working.



Another issue is that the customer purchased CFR price terms for the first time and did not know how to clear customs or pick up the cargo. Have explained the customs clearance process in detail: CFR price terms are the responsibility of our party to transport the goods to the destination port, and the shipping company will notify the customer to pick up the goods after arrival. The customer only needs to find a freight forwarder to clear customs and pick up the goods is ok.

Due to the installation of a water pump, have confirmed with the customer whether the local voltage is 220V 50Hz, in case after installing the water fire pit, but can not work due to the voltage different, tell the customer we have exported the water fire pit to Austria before, get a feedback of the voltage is same with China, pls reconfirm the voltage, The customer gave a positive answer, and the voltage is consistent.




By conducting a background check to understand the real situation of the customer, we found that customers have a real demand for the water fire pit and are quite capable. Based on the customer’s different requirements, we provide best-matched solutions to customers. For example, since the customer is purchasing a water fire pit product for the first time and does not know how to connect with natural gas, have immediately provided the customer with detailed drawings and sent product detailed images and videos online to help customer better understand the product, Recognize our products and help customers recognize our services and the strength of our company by Meeting the real needs of customers; After the customer confirms the order, we immediately send the delivery schedule to the customer, allowing them to have a rough understanding of the delivery date. Based on the production nodes (such as drawing confirmation, cutting, welding, spraying, packaging, shipping, etc.), then promptly send pictures and updates to the customer, making them feel familiar with the production process of their order, thereby improving customer recognition.