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Corten BBQ Grills Exported to France:Transform Backyard with Rustic Elegance


Name: Nimes

Country: France

Position: A boss

Customer information: specialized in swimming pool construction

Address: Nuances de Bleu N2B84 720 ancienne route d Uzes 30000 Nimes France

Products: corten BBQ grills and accessories


(1) Order overview: Ali on the inquiry, WhatsApp follow up a week to place orders

(2) Customer information: French L1 potential buyers on Ali, want to expand products to sell.

(3) Why do you choose to place an order with us, and the card points appear in the negotiation

Follow up timely, give customers plans, and let customers make choices

Characteristics of high-quality customers:

a boss, decision maker, there is a real need to expand products, be decisive, have import experience

Corten BBQ Grills Exported to France

This customer came from Ali’s inquiry that afternoon, and he was interested in bbq, so I sent him the catalog of bbq and asked about the quantity that was not read. Later, I  found his WhatsApp number by a Background check. Since I didn’t realize that time was still bothering the customer’s rest at that time, I thought it was over. But later the customer still sent me a message and asked me for the catalog. He asked me if I had the minimum order quantity, but the customer did not know which one he wanted, so I recommended BG2 and BG4 and asked about the quantity. The customer said he wanted to start with five. Later, I said four or eight packages were better, and I made two quotations for four and eight sets for the customer to choose from. However, the customer asked for three sets of black-painted BG2 and chose one rain cover. All the black ones needed a rain cover so that they could not get wet, so I recommended three sets of rain covers to the customer. The customer was also direct and immediately followed my advice and added two rain covers.

As for the packaging and delivery, since the customer placed the first order, the products are packed in wooden cases to better protect them and sent to the port of Marseille. Getting good reviews from customers is also a very important factor.

Corten BBQ Grills Exported to France

This customer is a relatively simple customer, the whole process is relatively smooth, and it will be well maintained in the later period. When the customer asked when the shipment would be delivered, I book the shipping date for him and then recommended the fire water curtain. The customer is also more interested in it, and when the customer receives the products, he will ask if there is any demand, saying that he will buy in the next order. Be sure to recommend the plan to the customer and let the customer make a choice.

After receiving the products, the customer gave me very good praise. He wants to order some samples in September and then set up a showroom so that he can place a big order in January. The customer is about to go on vacation, so we can communicate more with him, increase the stickiness, and pay attention to the maintenance in the later stage.