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100 Sets Corten Steel Garden Edgings for Sale in Australia


Name: Karent Hubbard
Country: Australia
Status: Retail
Client’s status: Retailer Providential Creations (Pty) Ltd
Address: Customer’s address 332 Formosa Road, Gumdale, 4154, Australia.
Product: corten steel garden edging…..

The customer first asked about the minimum order quantity, and then I asked the customer whether he wanted to sell it for his own use or for sell. The customer said he wanted to sell, and the customer asked some questions about the size, whether it can be customized, and the door-to-door price. At first, the customer asked about the minimum order Quantity, wanted a sample, and then recommended the best-selling size and style to the customer,

100 Sets Corten Steel Garden Edgings for Sale in Australia

the customer wanted to ship the sample by air at first, and after checking the air freight cost, it was very inappropriate and then quoted the price of 100 pieces to the customer by sea, Then the customer can calculate the cost to see if there is a profit to be made if they are sold.

The customer also wanted gray spraying but told the customer that spraying can be done but requires careful maintenance, it is not as good as weather-resistant natural color, and the maintenance cost is very low.

Then the customer needs to discuss it with his husband. After the discussion, he asked about the thickness of the product and confirmed. After finishing all the details, the order was drafted, and the customer paid the payment very happily.



Customer’s situation: the customer is trying to sell corten steel garden edging.

The customer wants to sell the garden edging in her country.




(3)Why Choose our corten steel garden edging?

The customer has clear needs, has a budget, is a decision-maker, has her own ideas, and is also a woman with ideas. She wants to start her own business. The stuck point is that the customer always wants samples, but this product is relatively simple.  The weight is still relatively heavy, the air freight is too expensive, and the sea freight takes a long time, so I told the customer that we have been selling it all the time, there are large cooperative dealers, there is stock supply, and we provide customers with a lot of pictures of our production and shipment. , and finally, the customer decides to buy in small quantities. Afterward, the customer received the goods for inspection and said that our goods were very good, and sent us a picture of the retaining board used in her garden, which was very beautiful, so he placed an order of ten times the amount.