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French Corten BBQ Grills: Stylish and Durable Cooking Solutions


Customer name: Steam

Country: France

Business mode: Retail

Customer situation: Retailer

Port: Marseille

Product: BBQ


(1) Overview of orders: The customer itself is a ceramic portable BBQ. The weather-resistant steel BBQ belongs to the pioneer. This is a return order. Old customers mainly have the basis of trust.

(2) Customer conditions: KP, website retail BBQ, planned to transfer distributors

(3) Why choose the card point that appears in the negotiations in the negotiations

Customers have real needs, which is a decision maker. On March 21, it was the first inquiry contact. After communicating for nearly a month, when the order was approaching the order at the end of the month, the customer said that the price of other homes was lower than that of mine. He was the first time he was the first time. In the middle, it is learned that he has strict requirements on the date of delivery, so he will communicate with customers a little, and to understand the reason, and it is a smooth payment at the end of the month.

Features of high-quality customers:

It is a decision-maker, with real needs, few routines, and sincerity.


This is the Ali inquiry in March 2021. The first order came to this inquiry for a month on March 21 and then placed the order. This is the fourth time. During the single delivery, the customer was very angry and even Ali applied for a refund because the payment period was delayed. I refused and took the initiative to compensate the two stoves of the customer. This process was very unpleasant. There will be cooperation again. It is mainly available for customers. The quality of the goods is guaranteed. There is a foundation for the previous grinding trust. I have actively solved him for the first time. Find me for order. Don’t be afraid of after-sales problems. Don’t be afraid of trouble. In the process of dealing with customers, the customer’s trust will be increased.