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Full customized corten garden décor for Australian clients


Name: yasir salman
Country: Australia
Identity: Purchasing
Customer information: The customer helps his customer purchase products. His customer has a big house under renovation.
Address: 70 Eyre Ave, Edmondson Park NSW 2174
Products: Fireplace, water Curtain, flower pot, Lightbox, sign


The customer sent an inquiry on May 16th. I replied to the customer immediately after receiving the inquiry. The customer also quickly replied that he wanted one of our fireplaces, but wanted to change the size. On the evening of the same day, I took advantage of this customer Online, we confirmed the size. After I started working the next day, I immediately contacted our technical staff, and drew the size drawing and renderings required by the customer on the same day. The customer was very satisfied with our efficiency and service attitude. After that, we quoted the price to the customer, and the customer also agreed I think the price is reasonable. The customer did not pay after getting the quotation, but said that there were other products that he wanted to buy from us. At this time, it means that customers have begun to trust us. In the next two days, the customer never showed up, and I didn’t rush the customer, because I knew he would come back again. Sure enough, on the third night, the customer sent a lot of product pictures and requirements, and I would reply to the customer as soon as possible. The customer has always been very sincere and polite, answering every question. On the second day, we put forward detailed suggestions and improvement methods for the products according to the customer’s requirements. The customer also put forward his views on our suggestions seriously. After two days of in-depth communication, we determined the final product size and quantity. After confirming the size, our technicians re-draw the size drawing and effect drawing for the customer to confirm. After the customer confirmed, we quickly calculated the price and shipping cost and sent it to the customer, but the customer did not accept it immediately. After a while, the customer said that he wanted to remove several products because of insufficient budget. After that, we quickly updated the quotation, and the customer quickly confirmed and paid.

Because of the time difference, customers often go online at night. When receiving inquiries from customers, they must reply to customers as soon as possible, showing that our professional customers believe in you, not only professional, but also efficient. After determining the size Immediately after that, contact the technical staff, and send detailed drawings and dimension drawings to the customer the next day, which also reflects the strength and professionalism of our team.