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Customized Pool Water Fire Bowl for U.S. Customers


Name: Anil

Country: USA

Identity: CEO

address: 5353 Conroy Road; Suite 200 Orlando, FL 32811. The USA.



The client is a garden design and decoration company. The pool fire bowl for this inquiry is a project customization requirement, and the size is relatively large. In the initial communication with the customer, we mainly showed our standard products to him, including materials, colors, ignition methods and hob styles, etc. The customer is quite satisfied with the product, but the size does not meet the requirements, and he wants to customize a larger size. After communicating with the technical design, we helped the customer prepare a rendering according to the customized size. After receiving it, the customer reported that he need take it to the terminal for confirmation, but there would be no more feedback after that. It just happened that the company has made further upgrades in the style of the fire ring and the ignition method. The upgraded plan has also been recognized by many other customers, so we recommend an updated design to the customer. The customer’s customized size has also been modified. Thanks to our technology with the cooperation of the design department, combined with the customer’s needs, we helped the customer to make a new version of the upgraded product renderings for confirmation. After the renderings are approved by the customer, the order will be confirmed soon.