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1536 pieces of corten screen exported to the Netherlands


Name: Michel

Country: Netherlands

Status: Purchasing Manager


The client is selling gardening and hardware accessories. They have a relatively large store and a large warehouse. The customer sell corten edging, planter, and other garden decoration products for landscape. And now he want to expand a new products explore his business.

The customer wants to design his own patented pattern, we guarantee to the customer that his patented pattern will be protected. This design will only be sold to the customer himself, and will never sell to others.

The Customers have relatively high quality requirements and require SGS testing before loading..We improve the details and design again and again, and finally, after make three samples, our product have been through by our clients,He is very satisfied with our service. And place the order to us.


The customer want to develop new products, we are very professiona on thisl. The customer just need to told us his idea, we immediately gave the customer some suggestions and picture references. He want to have his own unique design patterns. her gave us the effect he wanted, and our designer immediately made a design for him, and the customer was very satisfied.

When talking about the installation method. We provide several installation methods for customers to choose. The customer made modifications on the basis of what we provided, and we also made improvements accordingly, and provided samples for customers to check. Customers are particularly satisfied with our professionalism, cooperation and service.


The customer sent a screen style and the installation method he wanted, and asked if it could be done. Immediately sent several similar cases to the customer for reference. Finally, the customer chooses a stand screen that can be assembled. After communicating with the technology, I made a three-dimensional rendering for the customer to confirm. After the customer confirms the drawing, the sample must be proofed first, and it must be shipped by air. Such heavy cargo needs to be shipped by air, and the air freight is very high, and the customer said that they will bear it. Realize that the customer’s purchasing intention this time is very strong. Since the retaining board in March was not negotiated because of the price issue, the quotation to the customer this time is very cautious. Samples will be arranged after the price is agreed. It took more than half a month from preparing the samples to receiving the goods from the customer. After the customer received the sample, he modified some details and requested a second sample. We modified the design according to the customer’s request and let the customer confirm and send the second sample. After the second sample is confirmed, we will wait for the customer to place an order. The first two patterns were provided by us to the customer, and the customer had to use his own design pattern when placing an order, and we provided the third sample to the customer according to the customer’s design pattern for the third time.

In this process, whether it is design or providing samples, we are very active in cooperating with customers, and customers are very satisfied. After three sample confirmations, the customer placed a large order, a total of 1536 pieces.