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Outdoor Corten steel BBQ griddle and grill


Different from the traditional outdoor heater, a fire pit provides a 360-degree open flame and brings an entertaining, attractive and charming element to your outdoor living space. Whether your outdoor decoration is traditional, simple, simple or contemporary, there is always a fire pit to satisfy your personal taste. Optional accessories are available. With its unique style, durability and functionality, our weather-resistant steel products are the perfect complement to any garden or terrace. Weathering steel is a very strong and weather-resistant material with a unique sense of simplicity. As time goes on, it will form a rust protection layer, which not only increases its unique aesthetic feeling, but also helps to protect metals from corrosion and damage.

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I.Why choose a Corten steel barbecue grill instead of an ordinary barbecue grill?

It is more distinctive than the ordinary barbecue grill. The corten bbq grill brings people together in the same way as a traditional campfire . The wood – fired bowl emanates cosy heat within a two – meter radius so that you can cook and eat outdoors even in cold winter . The corten steel grill has an innovative , round design , that makes itself perfectly for several cookers preparing food for many clients at the same time .


This is an opportunity to relax with family and friends. Whether you are close friends or unfamiliar colleague , there is no doubt that outdoor BBQ cooking is the finest community experience .

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II.Use a grill made of corten steel, it will give you many advantages


1.Unique design:

CORTEN’s unique design makes it an incredibly versatile cooker. The cone shaped fire bowl has a wide, flat rim, which also serves as a very efficient cooking area.The temperature is unevenly heated from the middle to the edge,  so that one cooking plate has multiple cooking temperatures.



2.Large cooking area

The plate is heated to approximately 300˚C by the wood fire (you can also use charcoal but this doesn’t look at good as there are no flames). Put some oil on the plate and start cooking. It has a large barbecue area: the plate has a diameter of 100 cm which makes it possible to cook food for 50 people.




Corten steel (trade name COR-TEN steel) is a weather-resistant structural steel, which is a kind of long-lasting materials barely needs maintenance. The dense barrier layer firmly adhering sulfates or phosphates on the surface through weathering, under the actual rust layer, which protects the steel part from further corrosion.



4.Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

Unlike other outdoor cookers,  CORTEN steel barbeque grill is very easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. Food scraps and excess oil can go straight into the fire. The griddle can be easily cleaned with a spatula. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, your grill and griddle are ready to use again.



5.Easy to Install, Easy to Move

Thanks to its three-part modular design, CORTEN bbq grill is easy to move and install. The 3 parts including: cooking plate, fire bowl, and base, which can be lifted and moved separately. The cone has a 2 cm hole for the easy.

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Corten steel grills are considered safe and healthy, but proper eating and cooking methods must be followed. Solid steel is mixed with copper, chromium and nickel to form an oxidation-resistant layer. This paint is non-toxic and does not affect the safety and health of the grill.


You can use it safely according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and safety recommendations. Hot surfaces must be kept and proper barbecue tools used to avoid burns or other injuries. The rust-proof steel fence is designed to form a layer of rust to prevent further corrosion of the steel. In addition to its unique endurance, steel frames are also known for their unique beauty. Equally important, one of the main advantages of heat-resistant solid furnaces is their service life. Because these pillars are designed to withstand a variety of factors, they can be used for decades without needing repairs, which means this is a good investment for anyone who loves and wants to cook outdoors. However, it is important to remember that due to the high cost of raw materials and associated specialized processes, high temperature resistance can be more expensive than a traditional oven.


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