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How to Care for a Corten Steel Grill After Use?


I. Why Maintain a Corten Steel BBQ Grill?

AHL Corten steel material is known to have superb corrosion resistance, but to ensure that a Corten steel grill stays in good condition, maintains its unique look, and continues to perform at its best, we need to maintain it regularly, just like any other grill. It’s just that it requires less maintenance compared to other grills. Here are some specific reasons why you should maintain corten steel grills:

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1. Rust Protection: Although the protective patina on the surface of corten steel grills protects its deep structure from erosion, it is not completely rust-proof. Over time and with exposure to the elements, the protective patina may wear away or become damaged. Regular maintenance helps to stop any bare spots or signs of rust in time, preventing it from spreading and damaging the internal structure of the grill.


2. Extend the Life of Your Corten Grill: By taking care of your Corten steel grill, you can significantly extend its life. Regular cleaning, drying, and proper storage will help prevent premature deterioration and ensure that the grill will last decades. Cherish your corten steel grill and it may become a special part of your home due to its incredible longevity.


3. Aesthetics: Corten steel is prized for its weathered appearance, which develops over time as it matures and bronzes. However, proper maintenance helps to maintain its elegant and beautiful appearance and prevents rust from spreading unchecked and developing uneven or unsightly patina, which can detract from its original aesthetics.


4. Optimal Performance: A well-maintained weather-resistant steel grill will perform even better during the cooking process. Ensuring that the surface of the grill is clean and free of debris prevents odors from appearing when you cook your food and promotes even heat distribution.


5. Health and Safety: Regular cleaning and maintenance of your corten steel grill helps ensure that it remains hygienic and safe to use. Grease buildup and food residue can attract pests or lead to bacterial growth, which can be harmful to your health.


6. Avoid Costly Repairs: Neglecting maintenance can lead to more serious rust problems or damage that may require expensive repairs or even replacement. Simple regular care can help you avoid these costs.

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II. How to Care for a Corten Steel Grill after use?

1. Cleaning the BBQ Grills: Thoroughly remove food scraps, grease, and residue from the grill after each use. Use a soft brush or sponge moistened with mild soapy water to thoroughly clean the surface. Avoid harsh chemicals or hard brushes that may damage the protective patina on the steel.


2. Rinse and Dry: Thoroughly rinse off the soap with water and make sure the grill is completely dry. Water left on the surface will promote rusting. However, if you want more rust, the right amount of moisture can promote the rusting process, but this is not a good idea for grill maintenance.


3. Avoid Moisture: Store your corten steel grill in a dry place or cover it with a weatherproof grill cover. Make sure the cover enables air circulation to avoid moisture buildup, which can lead to rust.


4. Reseal if Necessary: Over time, the protective patina on corten steel may wear off, especially in areas exposed to high temperatures or frequent cleaning. If you notice any bare spots or signs of rust, it is important to reseal these areas. You can use products specifically designed for corten steel or natural sealers such as linseed oil. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions.


5. Regular Maintenance: Depending on how often you use your corten steel grill and the climatic conditions in your area, check regularly for signs of wear or rust. Perform maintenance as needed to ensure that your grill stays in tip-top shape. That way no matter when you pull out your grill, it’s the brightest presence in the crowd.


6. Avoid Exposure to Chemicals and Salt: Avoid using harsh chemicals, and chlorinated or salt-based products on your grill, as these can accelerate rusting. If you live near the coast or in an area with high humidity, take extra precautions to prevent your grill from coming into contact with salt.


7. Use Proper Tools: When cooking on the grill, try to use Outdoor Corten BBQ Grill tongs or utensils made of wood, silicone, or other non-abrasive materials. Metal tools may scratch the surface and damage the protective patina.


8. Seasoning the Grill: Just like seasoning a cast iron skillet, you can enhance the performance and protection of your weather-resistant steel grill by seasoning it with cooking oil. Before heating the grill for cooking, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the cooking surface. Heat the grill until the oil begins to smoke, then allow it to cool. This process helps create a natural non-stick surface and adds a layer of rust protection.


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III. What can I do if I want to accelerate the rusting of corten steel?


1. Rust Naturally: By placing your corten steel grill in an outdoor environment, rain and humidity will accelerate the formation of rust on it. All you do is wait, and over time, in about 3-4 weeks you will see the rusting you expect. Please note that rust in dry climates may take longer due to lack of rain.


2. Accelerated Rusting: If you can’t wait to see rust, then we may need to use a solution to accelerate the formation of rust on corten steel. The most common solution is salt water as it is easily available to us. Spray the salt water evenly on the surface of the corten steel and the salt in the solution will accelerate the formation of rust on the corten steel. Also, we can mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide solution in proportion, same as salt water, so that it covers the surface of the corten steel grill and then let it dry, which will accelerate the formation of rust. If you want to get rust faster, you can repeat the above steps. However, please be careful not to use the solution too much or too often, abuse may damage the deep structure of corten steel.

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