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What are some common problems with corten steel grills?


How to make your first barbecue?

First, you need let the fire burn for at least 30 minutes, and then pour the oil on the cooking plate, use a damp cloth.

The cooking plate as below. Since the environment of shipping is humid and the transportation time is long, we sprayed cooking oil on cooking plates to prevent them from rusting.

Barbecue grill plates and grids have a thin layer of food oil. When you heat the barbecue for the first time, use the stainless steel palette to scrape the top layer. Once the grill plate is clean and hot, you can apply the food oil on the grill plate and ready for cooking. After use and cleaning, apply it in thin layers using a cloth or paper towel. Gradually, you will be able to see protection and anti-slip oil formation. Remember to also apply oil to the sides of the BBQ plate and grate.

Why choose corten steel grill?


The BBQ grill is a very versatile cooker. Thanks to the flat and wide edges, you can prepare a few dishes at the same time. From fried most beautiful pieces of meat to grilled fresh vegetables. Use barbecue tanks and baking baking sheets to bake dishes! This circular design allows you to prepare your own food or enjoy the fire with your family and friends, and talk happily with drinks. The fire gives off pleasant warmth within a radius of two meters, making cooking outside fun even in winter!


What is important components of the corten grill?

The grill cooking plate is made of thick enough carbon steel. This type of material can prevent the shape exposed during high temperatures.

The base is made from a special grade of steel which contains copper (Corten). Corten steel is sometimes called weathering steel.

The seams of the bowl are welded with special weathered steel electrode, which has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance.

The cone-shaped hearth is rimmed with a steel rim in the form of a narrow top, which is heated from the inside of the hearth to grill, cook, fry, and heat. The larger working space of the grill cooking plate allows you to easily prepare different dishes for up to 40 persons. The shape of the grill encourages you to gather around the hearth, and jointly prepare and celebrate meals outdoors throughout the year.


How to make the maintenance?


Before first baking,let the fire burn for at least 30 minutes, oil the plate several times with olive oil, rub the oil onto the surface using a cotton cloth; scrape all leftovers and burned oil towards the middle. They will burn in the fire, after usage, oil the plate when it’s still warm to protect it against the elements.


Be careful, the surface will remain hot

Clear the cooking pate surface again and oil it

Use the small cover(lid) to quickly extinguish the fire


It’s simple to clean and requires virtually no maintenance.
Food fragments and excess oil directly enter the fire -All you need to do is wipe the barbecue plate with a wet cloth; prepare for the next time.