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I. Why choose our Corten steel BBQ grill – AHL Corten Steel BBQ Grill Manufacturer

Our BBQ grill is made  of weather-resistant steel, easy to carry, strong barbecue area, for many people to use at the same time, safe thermal insulation design, will not be hot, so that you can rest assured of barbecue. Lightweight and durable, you can completely enjoy the fun of BBQ barbecue at home, outdoors, and in the courtyard. Barbecue is not hot; Layered design, easy to clean; The food tastes better. Real weathering steel grill. Safe and hygienic, portable and durable. Barbecue is not hot; Layered design, easy to clean; Private network clamp, easy to move; The operation is simple, as long as the carbon fire is cooled, unscrew the knob in the middle of the carbon basin, that is, the carbon basin can be separated from the outside wall of the furnace. Made of pure weather-resistant steel, solid and durable; Surface without any added coating treatment, more environmental protection and safety! Specially tailored for the barbecue family, the professional carbon grill inherits the authentic American original barbecue flavor, with outdoor portable buckle handle, can be used as oven handle, but also can be used as carton buckle, easy to carry!

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II. How to clean rusty grill plates.

So you’ve left your grill out in the rain all winter, and now you’re wondering how to clean the grate. The method you use depends on what material they are made of. Typically, grill plates are made of stainless steel or another type of metal.


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1. Most people clean their grills with a stiff wire brush after each use. This is effective in removing rust from most grill plate, but may damage the finish of stainless steel grates. Here are a few ways to remove rust from your grill grill. You’ll probably want to use the mildest method first, and work your way down the list until the rust disappears. vinegar and salt. It’s important to learn how to clean rusty grill grates with non-toxic substances since you’ll be cooking on them. Both vinegar and salt are edible substances, but will also remove rust. Combine two cups of vinegar and one cup of salt in a bowl. Place the rusty grill plate in a large, heavy-duty trash bag.


2. Pour the vinegar and salt into the bag and tie it. Lay the bag flat on the ground and let the grill plate soak overnight. After soaking, wipe off the rust with an old rag. The salt should act as a mild abrasive to remove rust.


3. Vegetable oil. Grill grates need to be seasoned like woks. The more you cook, the less meat you have, as the fat from the meat will grease the grate. Fat also prevents rust. Grease grates with vegetable oil to lubricate and season grates after each use. Do not use vegetable oil aerosol cans. Aerosol cans explode near flames. Commercial rust remover. There are many commercial rust removers. These usually work well, but can contain toxic chemicals that you may not want.


4. Baking soda. Brush your grill grates with a soft brush to remove as much rust as possible. Put your grill plate on the grill and sprinkle it generously with baking soda. Turn on the grill plate watch the baking soda start to bubble and remove the rust. Turn off the grill and let it cool down. Brush the frame again with a soft brush.


5. Sandpaper. Wrap a piece of sandpaper around each rung of the rusty grill plate and sand the paper up and down. This is effective in removing rust, but be careful as it will scratch the grill surface as well.


6.  Prevent rust from forming on the grill grates by covering the grill with an appropriate cover; this keeps most of the moisture on the grill. Clean the grates after each use; food residue left on the grill will rust in less time than a clean grill.

8. After cleaning the grate plate, apply vegetable oil to the grates. Vegetable oil repels water and prevents parts from rusting. Check the grill grate frequently during the winter to check for rust. Remove small amounts of rust in time to prevent further rust and metal damage.

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III.  About the design and practicality of the AHL Corten Steel BBQ.

Our corten steel barbecue grill comprises a bottom plate, four fixed plates, four side plates enclosed above the bottom plate, and legs arranged below the bottom plate, The top of the four fixed plates are fixedly connected with the four sides of the bottom plate, the bottom of the four side plates are connected with the four fixed plates, the top of the two opposite side plates is provided with a pair of groove structures for placing barbecue forks, and the bottom plate is provided with an air outlet, There is an air outlet groove below the air outlet hole, and the air inlet of the air outlet groove is located on a fixed plate. There is a heat collection enclosure plate on the bottom plate and around the air outlet hole. Above the air outlet hole, there is also a basin holder that serves as a base for heating the basin.


Our grill improves some of the problems existing in existing barbecue grills, making it easy to clean and store, and the grilled food is safe and hygienic.


It is a tool used for cooking food in furniture life, equipped with grills and grills, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of picnics at home, outdoors, and in the courtyard. This Barbecue grill has the advantages of convenient use, lightness, novel shape, precision production, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection and health, elegant materials, luxury and generous, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no rust, durable and so on. It can be grilled with skewers, grilled steak, grilled whole machine, grilled sheep, braised, grilled over high heat, and smoked.

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