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Unleash Your Inner Chef with Our Outdoor Corten Grill


Corten steel has witnessed a surge in popularity across various outdoor applications, and one area where it shines is in the world of BBQ grills. The unique characteristics of Corten steel make it a compelling choice for those seeking both style and performance in their outdoor cooking experience. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing Corten steel BBQ grills, unveiling the marvel of this exceptional material.

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Unveiling the Marvel of Corten Steel Corten steel, also known as weathering steel, is a group of steel alloys that develop a protective rust-like patina when exposed to the elements. This natural weathering process not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances the steel’s durability and weather resistance. The patina acts as a shield against corrosion, making Corten steel an ideal material for outdoor applications like BBQ grills.


The Allure of Corten Steel BBQ Grills Corten steel BBQ grills exude a rustic and industrial charm that sets them apart from traditional options. The earthy tones and weathered texture of Corten steel complement various outdoor spaces, adding a touch of elegance to any backyard cookout. With Corten steel, your BBQ grill becomes more than just a cooking appliance; it becomes a captivating centerpiece that elevates the ambiance of your outdoor gatherings.


Unmatched Performance and Precision Cooking When it comes to cooking performance, Corten steel BBQ grills shine brightly. Corten steel boasts excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring even heat distribution across the cooking surface. This feature translates to precise and consistent cooking results, allowing you to achieve the perfect sear on your steaks and evenly cook your vegetables. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, or searing, Corten steel delivers exceptional performance for a variety of cooking methods.


Customizable Designs for Every Style  Corten steel BBQ grills offer a world of design possibilities. They can be crafted and customized to match your unique outdoor style and requirements. From the size and shape of the grill to additional features like side tables or storage compartments, Corten steel grills can be tailored to your specific preferences. This level of customization ensures that your grill not only performs flawlessly but also complements the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.


As you consider investing in a new BBQ grill for your outdoor cooking escapades, keep in mind the marvel of Corten steel. Its unique weathering process, allure, and unmatched performance make it an excellent choice for those seeking both functionality and style. Embrace the rustic charm and precision cooking of Corten steel BBQ grills, and elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights.

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How to choose a good barbecue at a good price?

Now barbecue is gradually popular, there are many kinds of barbecue grills on the market, next let me introduce you, the first kind: carbon fire grill: the most common type of barbecue grill, relatively more suitable for outdoor use, features: The temperature rises fast, and the smoke of charcoal makes the ingredients more fragrant and delicious, and now many brands of barbecue grills have a damper and thermometer design to better control the fire. The second type: electric grill: that is, it is used with electricity, suitable for 1-6 people at home, characteristics: smoke-free, suitable for small dinners, or family daily barbecue, but generally can not be used outdoors, can not get electricity. The third: gas barbecue: the use of gas as a heat source, smokeless barbecue, ignition fast, windy cold areas used more. Fourth: Weathering steel grill: very suitable for lazy people, do not have to clean it often, because food oil and food residue can be slid into the alive with a shovel after use, if you need to clean, you can prepare a wet cloth to clean before use. So how to choose a barbecue grill? Outdoor barbecue grill is more suitable for carbon fire, daily household can use electric oven, if often open a large party at home, it is recommended to buy a carbon fire; The portability of the grill is very important, easy to use, especially when going camping, more convenient to carry; The brand of barbecue grill is very important, it is recommended to choose a good reputation brand, good quality, easy to use and long-term; Sure am. Now the hottest sales on Alibaba is weathering steel barbecue grill.


I  recommend you to buy the weathering steel grill, because the weathering steel grill is the latest launch, and its sales on the Alibaba platform is relatively priority. Then its various aspects are much better than the usual barbecue grill, and then I will introduce the advantages and characteristics of weathering steel barbecue for you. Of course, before the introduction, I would like to tell you that the first use of weathering steel grill need to pay attention to, the first use, in the first 25 minutes to increase the fire source, the small fire is very important, the lower side of the heavier baking pan is significantly hotter than the upper side, due to the temperature difference, so the plate shaft should be drawn into a hollow, the plate has been fixed after the first use, there is no need for this procedure. Weathering steel after one or two uses. The barbecue oven has reached the best working state, the oil is burned when the barbecue, the oil is burned in the plate after cooking on the baking tray will be easier, which can also prevent the rust of the baking tray when not eaten, of course, the weathering steel grill is a weather-resistant sheet material, weathering steel can withstand the atmosphere, and the attached steel is a low alloy steel series between ordinary steel and stainless steel. The characteristics of weather-resistant steel plate, the surface of the weather-resistant steel plate will change with the passage of time, compared with the general construction object material, its color brightness and saturation are higher, the weather-resistant steel plate visual expression is outstanding, the body shaping ability is strong, the space definition ability is clear and environmental protection, the price is relatively cheap, of course, the weather-resistant steel grill has the strength of high-quality steel welding and cutting corrosion, High temperature fatigue resistance and other characteristics, with rust resistance. It is to build corrosion resistance, life extension, thinning, consumption reduction, labor and energy saving and other characteristics, and now businesses can also make customized weathering steel barbecue, weathering steel barbecue is durable, not easy to deformation, suitable for a variety of scenes can be outdoors, can also be barbecued in the yard at home.


Of course, there are many reasons why people like barbecue now, barbecue originated in Xuzhou barbecue, the real birthplace is in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, we imagine, choose a location near the street, blowing the evening breeze, eating barbecue, there will be a quiet poetry, what trouble barbecue will Sue friends, drink more and more words, more and more. A lot of heartfelt words inadvertently revealed, those who let people toss and turn is a little bit, with the barbecue smoke slowly dispersed.

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Of course, there are many more advantages to using weathering steel grills. Weathering steel Weathering steel in grills. Unlike ordinary steel, in the beginning it will also be like ordinary steel on the surface rust bamboo, due to its high degree of alloy, this process is even faster than ordinary steel, weathering steel although the surface rust, but the internal rust, unlike rust, blue loose, porous a touch will drop slag, weathering steel grill characteristics, green environmental protection, high visual performance, Strong shape shaping ability good spatial definition ability. In fact, it is not necessary to clean the weathering steel grill, cooking oil and food residue can be used after using a shovel into the fire, if necessary, you can use a damp cloth to clean the baking pan before eating. Weathering steel grill can experience wind and rain, without further maintenance, with the adjustable heavy side Angle, the weathering steel grill can be stably placed on the plane. When we use a weather-resistant barbecue oven, we should pay attention to its temperature, after 20 to 30 minutes of fire, the inner edge of the baking pan reaches 275 to 300 ° C. When the fire is on, you can start with the lubricating plate and the outer temperature is a little bit lower, so you can switch between baking and keeping warm, and when you heat the baking dish, it will have a crack, it will be slightly concave, and the excess oil and fat will go into the fire and when the barbecue plate cools it can be straightened again.